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Changing Lives, by Changing Minds

 Therapist, Author, Speaker, Educator, Influencer

Having a past doesn't mean one forfeits their future.  In fact, the best blessings can come out of the worst situations. Identify your goals. Create a plan. Discipline yourself. Follow through with that plan. It gets better every day!

In the end, you will know yourself like never before. But first, let me show you how that works.

My name is Nya B. I am a licensed therapist, published author,  public speaker, educator and influencer. I like to use my personal and professional knowledge to help others understand themselves and those around them.  I believe that  true transparency is a skill that is priceless and the key to avoiding unnecessary wounds. 

My Story

I was born and raised on Chicago’s south side. Like many youth in urban communities, I made the best of what I had. I had a strong family. However,  I experienced a lot of emotional abuse and was greatly affected by my parent's pain and abuse of alcohol. Taking advantage of my circumstances, I became a parent at the age of 15, leading me to more adversity and struggle.

However, none of these challenges stopped me from getting a college education. Eager to make my life better, I used whatever struggles and pain I was then going through, to be the strong-willed young woman that I am now. 

First in my immediate family to graduate from high school and college, I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling. Now, I am a licensed professional counselor in the state of Missouri and an adjunct professor at a private university.

I am also a national board-certified counselor and an approved clinical supervisor for potential clinical licensees. After 8 years of sharing my expertise with other agencies, I decided to branch out on my own.

In 2011, I started a private practice. It is a unique one that offers in-home counseling to individuals, couples, and families in urban communities. I also volunteer some of my time to mentor other young women and teen parents. Each and every Thursday at 6pm CST you can catch me on my show, Group Therapy Live w/Nya B on Instagram

The Therapist

I have been counseling and teaching people how to cope with life’s challenges since 2001. My career has allowed me to collaborate and work with various agencies dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect, and improving the 

well-being of families within the St. Louis-Metropolitan area. I am a provider of most commercial plans and Missouri Medicaid.


The Author

I have been writing since the age of 9. I suppose one could say, it IS MY therapy. I enjoy the freedom of being able to  adequately express myself with words, while encouraging and teaching others to do the same. Most of my writings are non-fiction and come from a place of transparency. Check out my blog, The Unexpected, and find other writings here  or, any where books are sold online.

The Speaker

I can not imagine my life without speaking. I teach the best lessons through the sharing of my stories, and anecdotes. I engage my audience with captivating information, knowledge, and my sense of humor, I chose this profession intentionally. What is a career worth having when one can not be, who they really are? I am a speaker. 

The Educator 

I have experience in teaching on secondary and post secondary education levels. I facilitate trainings and workshops for various organizations as well as supervise interns, practicum students and licensees in the state of Missouri. I am well trained and knowledgeable in the dynamics of sociology,  professional counseling and psychology. 

The Influencer

I take pride in maintaining my health and wellness. Because my readers and listeners believe in me, I encourage them to take pride in their health and wellness as well. I promote products and clothing for various brands, beauty, health and wellness companies. If you look good, you feel good. 

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