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Free Therapy

Whether it's Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, chatting with other podcasters and mental health advocates, Nya B is intentional about providing free tips, mental health insights and gems for anyone who needs them. Find it all here! There is something for everyone. To gain specific insight on a unique situation or chat personally with Nya B, become a member of her community.  

Want to laugh and get free therapy at the same time? Follow Nya B on tiktok! Free 30-60 second gems are added daily.  

The Pissy Dating Pool on IG

Need more than 30-60 seconds of free gems, follow Nya B on Instagram. Scroll through her IGTV for hour long segments with a host of topics from 2020-2024. See her group here about surviving what people see as the disaster in the dating world. 


Looking for more engagement and conversation with your free therapy tips? Follow Nya B on Facebook. Here is a free tip for those who may have been struggling after Valentine's Day. 

Nya B on the News

Not social media friendly? No worries! You can find Nya B on your local news channels or on the station's Youtube channel. Here she is on Fox Chicago, giving free information on summertime violence. 

Free Gems via Podcast Appearances

Our Mirror's Reflections w/Andrea P Jackson

Listen as Nya B shares her journey with teen parenting, her family, her career and her determination to inspire. To get the full interview, click on the link below and subscribe to Our Mirror's Reflections podcast with Andrea P. Jackson

Hanging with Dr Monique Ross

Hear Nya have an honest and open conversation about herself and mental health

Become a Member

Get exclusive access to and insight from Nya B. Send her messages and get clinical, confidential feedback and more. 

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