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Some people write about what they heard...
I write about what I know!

No one can shame me with MY TRUTH!

Life is what you make it. Learn from its valuable lessons and move on.  A lot of people live their lives in shame and guilt. It's so easy to stress about what happened, what didn't happened,  or what should've happened but it's also the quickest way to stunt your growth. Allow me to share with you some of the lessons I learned and how being transparent changed my life. Read about me...

My Writings

  • 14 Day Love Diet: A Self Help Guide to Letting Go of Unhealthy Relationships (2007)

  • As seen in TheHuffPost, STLToday, mbg, Citizen and much more...

Reviews & Testimonials

R Thomas

recommends Nya B.

September 6

“This book is everything so juicy and relatable. I can't wait to start part 2. Great story.”

L Thomas

recommends Nya B.

October 9  

“Started the book ‘The Growth of Me’ at 10am and was finished by 6. That is how good it is! Definitely, a must read as well as the ‘The Roots of Me.’ Raw and real-life issues discussed will definitely keep your interest from beginning to the end”

S Latham

recommends Nya B.

October 21  

“Get u a copy! It’s a must-read.”

Stezo Johns

recommends Nya B.

August 28

“Her book should be in every public school in America. Especially the schools in the urban community.”

M Rone‎

Chicago, Illinois

“This book has inspired a new generation of teen mothers. I bought the book for graduation presents and recommend it for any teen mother to read. Better yet have the author speak in person!!”

“I must say that I just started reading this book tonight and I am loving it. Great read. It's funny I forgot you would sing. I remember we would crowd around you and you would sing Karen White ‘Super Woman.’ I can't wait to finish the book which should be in the next day or so.”

“This amazing story is a great read for teen parents who may have obstacles and are functioning in a negative environment both home and school and or other social settings. To the teen/person who may find it difficult to create healthy relationships because of negative learned behaviors. The narrator struggled but didn't stop moving forward with her future endeavors. The sincere and genuine outside support that she received helped catapult her onto a positive track. College... This book is very inspiring, real, and enlightening for some who may not understand the life of a teen parent, dysfunctional families, obstacles and lack of support in a teen home... Every teen parent, social worker, home visitor...must read!”

“I really enjoyed read just reading this book. As a teenage mother at the age of 15 (in 1989) I related to the pressures, struggles, and determination to succeed!”

“I found the book very interesting I laughed, cried, and cheered! I have since passed the book on to my 3 nieces who have found the book very interesting. They had no problem reading the book, found it to be a page-turner. Great book for teens to read.”

Book Tour & Readers


On The Go w/Tiffany Patton

Nya B shares her inspiration behind her books and her work with Detroit radio host, Tiffany Patton. 

Mix 99.5 FM St Louis w/Dallas

Nya B talks about her books and life's challenges as a teen mom with Dallas Jamison of "Dallas in The Morning Show"

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